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Project Liberty Ship
Pier C, 2220 S Clinton St.
Baltimore, Maryland
The Ship is open for tours on
Wednesdays & Saturdays from
9am to 2pm.
Questions call the ship at 410-558-0646 or
email us at john.w.brown@usa.net

2020 watch for dates here.
check out the Steam School Page
found in Events. Space is limited.
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2020 Cruises on the Chesapeake Bay
May 30, August 8 & September 19
Tickets Available soon!
We are in the process of creating the Tickets for our 2020 Cruises.

information on our cruises, like where to park or what to bring, please click here.           

For questions, email us at john.w.brown@usa.net or call our Reservation Service and leave a message:  410-558-0164.  We will get back to as soon as possible. 


check out the gallery
to see pictures from past cruises. 

The Liberty Ship JOHN W. BROWN
"Celebrating 75 years of Service"

Built in Baltimore and launched from
Bethlehem-Fairfield on Labor Day September 7, 1942

What is the S.S. JOHN W. BROWN?

Welcome aboard S.S. JOHN W. BROWN, one of only two remaining, fully operational Liberty ships that participated in World War II. This wonderful piece of history provides an educational and historical opportunity for the public to experience 1944 all over again, without the dangers of being sunk by a submarine or a torpedo bomber!

Through the efforts of talented and dedicated volunteers, coupled with the generous financial support of members and friends, S.S. JOHN W. BROWN continues to educate by operating as a historic museum ship, furnishing visitors with a unique opportunity to experience "living history" of the World War II merchant marine.

2017 is our 75th Anniversary; pretty amazing for a ship that was built quickly and was considered 'paid for' if it made one voyage (across the ocean and back).   To read more about the history of the ship, click here or the ABOUT tab above. 

Thank you, Sponsors!

Thank you to the organizations and individuals who have sponsored us over the year, and if interested, read more here.

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