Still Training After All These Years

Midshipmen aboard the TV KING'S POINTER from the United States Merchant Marine Academy navigated their way from New York to Baltimore for their fall break trip and tied up next to us on Pier 1 last week. Some crew members came out on Monday afternoon (11/2/15) to meet the TV (training vessel) and help them tie up. Originally they were going to berth with the NS SAVANNAH, but Pier 1 with it's proximity to shopping and food, was a better choice.  Also, we had a prearranged Steam Class training so the plant was started on Tuesday afternoon, giving many more learning opportunities to those midshipmen who came over on Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning.  

{Pssst... This is Jack, here.   I had to sneak in here and tell you about the tour of that 'kid ship'.  My ship (the BROWN) smells like sailors...a lot of them are old (they smell like medicine and chocolate {and some have dog bones in their pockets for me}), a few are young and a lot are in the middle, but this ship had a LOT of kids.  I LOVED it!   They were happy to see me, and  I couldn't smell any dog smells at ALL, which made me feel special.  But then again, I'm pretty sure all ships and boats are mine, anyway.  It smelled like young people and technology (and junk food, maybe).  I waited for permission to board (even though I wanted to strut right on that TV (training vessel), but I was patient and well mannered.  Hear that, Dad?!  So, I got a really nice tour of this vessel, and I could tell that these kids missed their pets, because they just wanted to pet me (and sneak me DIDN'T hear that, Dad!)  Here is a picture of me with my friends...  Oops... gotta get off the computer before I'm caught again.   I'll catch up with you all soon.   ~Jack)

Some more shots of the KING'S POINTER and the BROWN


The engineers especially were excited, any reason to fire up the boilers makes them happy. Mike Schneider starts by giving everyone an overview of engine room safety. He and the rest of the crew explain how the engine works and how to get the steam up. 

We all get pretty excited about this part of starting up the engines. Three of the visiting midshipmen are studying to be engineers and they each had a turn at lighting up the burners.


While some of the midshipmen worked in the Engine Room others were taken on a deck tour. Time to see how it was done 70+ years ago!  They learned just how much things have changed and just how much things have stayed the same.

And of course everyone enjoyed being greeted by Jack.

We bloggers find the BROWN irresistible to photograph. We're not the only ones...

We were very excited to host the midshipmen from King's Point.  A huge part of our mission is to educate old and young alike.  These men and women are part of the future, and deserve every second that is invested in that future.  Hopefully we will be seeing the KING'S POINTER back in Baltimore in the future.  Good Luck this year, Seniors! 

Project Liberty Ship, Inc is a 501(c)3 non-profit, all volunteer organization engaged in the preservation and operation of the historic ship JOHN W. BROWN as a living memorial museum. Gifts to Project Liberty Ship are tax deductible.

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