Putting up with this Bunch

Hello readers... it's Jack speaking...or I guess I should say typing.   Everyone is out of the house right now buying more bags of stuff to bring in the house, wrap with paper and put under the tree-with-no-smell, so I thought I'd hop on the computer to leave my mark (in a very UN-dog kind of way).   I was recently on the ship and had to sit through a meeting where they didn't want me running around playing with noisy empty water bottles (I LOVE that crinkly sound they make as I chomp down on those bottles and harass people on the ship to play catch with me).  They also wouldn't let me go in some places on the ship (they SAID it was because of painting) plus they didn't want me barking at the seagulls during the meeting.  But it got me thinking of all the types of things I have to put up with.  I mean, they think that they have it bad... Like {BIG sigh} "Jack has too much energy", or "Jack, no begging".  But I'm about to throw the whole bunch of 'em under the bus (or I should say, under the Liberty Ship)!  Seriously, they are all volunteers just like me, so we have to put up with each other for the greater 'good', but most of 'em need help if you know what I mean.   And they have the nerve to boss me around???   Ha!  Here are some shots of the types of nuts I have to deal with all the time... 

I mean, OMG, Ernie...where is your foul weather gear.   These nuts even tried to put one of these bags on me, but I went and hid.  For...get...about it!!!! 

My girl Alaina makes some craaaazy faces and THAT'S all I'm gonna write.... 

Some wise guy 'hid'  my pig here.... Geesh... I'm a DOG, I can find anything, people!!!

And he's one of the security officers!

I guess I might be a bit grumpy about being bossed around.  I'm actually pretty important, as the Chief Canine on the vessel, it's my job to follow the Captain around the ship, yet everyone tries to boss me around.  So, I'll give them all a break.  I really do love my volunteers, especially the ones that carry treats in their pockets or slip me some food in the classic 'oops, look what fell off my plate onto the deck' deal. So I'm going to share some more love by sharing some of the crazy pictures I have access to.  But first... here is one picture that sums up WHY I think that all of my volunteers (I'm included too, so don't forget a cape for me when we order them!) need to wear cool superhero capes. Psst... I like Captain America and Wolverine, if anyone actually cares.... 

Anyway, volunteers are special people, I guess.   We are all so different on the BROWN, but somehow we work together and enjoy our 'differences'.   Well, I better get off of the computer before they come home and catch me again.  If you're local, consider coming to the BROWN to add your own brand of crazy to the mix.  If you're not local, consider giving your time to some organization that you believe in.  It's worth it. Be safe during the holidays and don't forget to buy your dogs lots (and I mean LOTS) of gifts!  ~Jack

Project Liberty Ship, Inc is a 501(c)3 non-profit, all volunteer organization engaged in the preservation and operation of the historic ship JOHN W. BROWN as a living memorial museum. Gifts to Project Liberty Ship are tax deductible.

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