2015 Sea Trial

On Saturday April 25, the JOHN W BROWN left the pier at 9am and traveled from Clinton Street in Baltimore, Md (Canton) to about Chesapeake Beach.  It was an operational crew, limited by the Captain, to put the engine through it's paces and to allow for some required training.   While the ship was away for about 30 hours, not only was the engine 'worked' but so was the lifeboat and all of the crew.  About 2/3 of the crew held watch from the time we left, even earlier for the engine department.  When not on watch their time was with filled with scheduled cleaning, training and other educational procedures for both new and returning crew members.   


CPR and Security training were two of the big training sessions. Each required 2 sessions apiece to get as many crew member's training completed while working around the 8-12, 12-4, 4-8 watches. And there was an Abandon Ship drill and a Fire drill. 

Firefighters and electricians performed a tabletop exercise before the drill working with a scenario of a fire in the paint locker. Key points were reviewed like how to contain the fire and the CO2 system and the fire alarm.

Above...2 shifts of CPR, on Saturday night...watching the American Heart Association video, and practicing with the manikins and training AED (automatic external defibrillator).  Even the Captain and First Mate are getting some practice and showing that this was not their first time 'round. 

Below...On Sunday morning we had 2 training shifts after breakfast (7am and 8am) for a security quiz and info session.   Good thing we all had our Wheaties.  Actually we didn't... Joe made eggs, pancakes, hash-browns, sausage, bacon, grits and oatmeal for breakfast, along with our endless pot after pot of much needed coffee. 

On Sunday morning, after breakfast and the security training, we launched one of the lifeboats to run the newly reconstructed engine and to review the procedures for lowering and raising the lifeboat.  

As we were heading into the harbor, we had some final chances to look at and learn about our Lyle Guns and some of the other equipment we have but rarely use.   

Sea Trial 2015 was a success with all crew members walking away on Sunday exhausted and energized for the cruise season.   The ship and engine did well, everything is cleaner than its been all winter, and crew members received lots of training.  Here are some last random shots...

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