Dream your painting and then paint your dream ~ Van Gogh

Over the years, we've shared lots of shots of the work our volunteers do.  If you remember, while in drydock last fall, the hull was painted.  Unfortunately, due to time, money and logistics, everything above the main deck still needs to be painted.   As those who've been on the ship over the years can attest, it's a constant job, a constant effort and a constant war against time and the elements.  The Chesapeake Bay and rust are NOT friends of the JOHN W BROWN.   Thousands of hours are spent prepping the deck and steel to be painted, and then painting sections at a time.  This is usually done over one work day at a time, and the size worked on,  depends on the number of crew that are available on any given day.   This is finally starting to catch up to us, and it has become more than we can handle with our current active volunteers.   (Taking the time also to remind our readers that we are ALWAYS looking for crew members... no experience needed!)  

Captain Hope (the painter on the float, in the white paint suite, taken last summer) and the Fundraising Committee, have gotten quotes and we are tentatively looking to use Ocean Painting, here in Baltimore, to do the massive amount of work.  PPG Marine Coatings was contacted and agreed to supply the paint at an amazing discount.   Now it's time to try to raise the money. 

The project will be divided into segments...foredeck, midship house and after deck, with an estimate of $100,000.   Ocean Painting would water blast the entire deck house with high pressure water to get down to bare steel.  Then it would be treated, primed and painted.  The gallons of paint needed is estimated to be 550 gallons, which would come to about $180 per gallon, which includes paint, labor and all other needed materials.   If this is something you might be interested in contributing to, check out and print the form.  All donors will receive a chart showing the fundraising progress and where their own contribution fits into the project.  We have used charts like this in past fundraisers; like buying a barrel of oil and showing donors where 'their' barrel of oil would be burned on the voyage.  Informative, interesting and fun, they are very popular and help keep our donors up to date.  With over 4000 Facebook followers, if everyone of you could come to the ship for a day with chipping hammers, brooms, paintbrushes and rollers in hand, we would not need to try to raise funds for this, but unfortunately, not everyone can participate in this way. 

So... we're open on Wednesdays and Saturdays, if you would like to come help.   Or feel free to donate...any amount helps out.  See you next Wednesday... (don't forget to wear old clothes and be prepared to 'go gray')   ;)

Project Liberty Ship, Inc is a 501(c)3 non-profit, all volunteer organization engaged in the preservation and operation of the historic ship JOHN W. BROWN as a living memorial museum. Gifts to Project Liberty Ship are tax deductible.

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