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A big hello to all you dogs (Ok, and cats too!) out there, reading the JOHN W BROWN'S blog, while your families remain clueless to how smart pets are (but, hey, that's another blog for another day).  I've recently had a chance to get onto some other boats, and I thought I'd share some pictures.  My humans have some crazy system of storing pictures, because I can't find the pictures of my handsome self on the PRIDE, but I will share some summertime boat adventures with you as well as some of my favorite boats. 

This summer I spent over a week in upstate New York and had a chance to get on the EDWARD M. COTTER out of Buffalo,  which is the world's oldest working fireboat.  Built in NJ in 1900, she is still in use by the Buffalo Fire Department and the City of Buffalo as that city's only ice-breaker.   As you can see, I was ALL over that ship...heck, as soon as I heard them tell my people that I was allowed on board, I was already getting on and exploring. 

We also got to live on a Canal Boat for a week while we went down the Erie Canal. Not only did I get to BE on a boat, but I got to see all kinds of canal boats and tugboats.  As you can see, I'm pretty comfortable on them all...  In Lockport NY, the lock keeper told my humans that they have seen lots of boat dogs, but they have never seen such a well behaved dog before.   They were impressed with my superhero lack of fear...I stood on top of the actual lock gates and watched as the boats magically went up and down.

Ok, so now that you got a chance to see some of the things I did this summer, I'm going to share some other pictures of my favorite boats.  Below is my visit in March to the KALMAR NYCKEL in Delaware.  I was not allowed on board because of the work they were doing, but kept trying to sneak on and see their cat. Sorry about that last mom forgot to change her exposure.  Jeesh... must I supervise everything around here?!?!  Then, below that, are some pictures of one of my favorite kinds of boats Army T Boats built during WWII (this is the Knock-Na-Shee).

I've been Checking out a Facebook page and website called Museum Ships and I have my eye on a whole bunch of ships that I'm scoping out.    My dad was in NY and was on the on the MARY A. WHALEN and brought back some papers for me to look at (I share, so I let the Captain look at them too...) because my dad knows how much I like this stuff.  The WHALEN is at Pier 11 in Brooklyn NY and she is an oil tanker.   I feel like I NEED to get on this vessel.  Stay tuned for more information...but I'm scheming to try to take the BROWN somewhere next year.  I want to see the world on my very own Liberty Ship.....


Stay tuned for more BROWN travels.  Coming up, the BROWN will move down the street (Next to the N.S. SAVANNAH) for the Labor Day weekend to celebrate the end of WWII with a focus on Maryland. Open Friday-Sunday, the engines will be steaming for the public on Saturday. 


Project Liberty Ship, Inc is a 501(c)3 non-profit, all volunteer organization engaged in the preservation and operation of the historic ship JOHN W. BROWN as a living memorial museum. Gifts to Project Liberty Ship are tax deductible.

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