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You never know who will come visit our living piece of WWII history.  The SS JOHN W. BROWN is open for visits every Wednesday and Saturday, when we have our weekly work days.  Yesterday, there were many projects going on.  Engineers were working on multiple projects, from getting the whistle back working (it got a bit 'gunked up' {admit it, you like that technical term!} from the recent professional paint job of the house), to working on the generators (for the busy upcoming season, which starts next Wednesday when we move the ship to the Inner Harbor).  Electricians were doing some remaining work on the hospital (see our last blog from 2/24) and the deck department was going in about 4 -5 directions. Our number 2, 1940's vintage lifeboat suffered a catastrophic injury thanks to  mother nature and time and was no longer sea-worthy, so we were doing some 'moving of resources'.  

The deck department was also installing the overhead in the after-mess deck, after some welding work, and in the 1st Assistant's room, crew were cleaning and prepping the room for the first coat of paint, after some repair work (yep, directly connected to the after mess deck work).

Meanwhile we had a group from Southern Maryland having an initial meeting on the ship because they are looking to charter the BROWN next year for a private event.   So, you can see there was a lot of work going on and it was a typical beehive of activity that one can see two days each week...Wednesday and Saturday.   And here comes the point of this blog... we had visitors from Sweden come aboard for a tour, in the form of the Master of the M/V ATLANTIC COMPASS/SKUN and some other crew members.  

The ATLANTIC COMPASS is a Container Ship built in 1984 (fully cellular with Ro-Ro capability).  They were in town and came over to look at the BROWN and take a tour 'back in time'.    "ATLANTIC COMPASS has 249m length overall and beam of 32m. Her gross tonnage is 57255 tons" (taken from VesselFinder). Here is where they are right now at 920am on 3/10/16. 

Yesterday, while on the BROWN, not only did some of their crew get a tour of a WWII Liberty Ship and see our version of normal Wednesday and Saturday chaos, but we got to meet Leif, the Master of the ATLANTIC COMPASS, and some other crew members. 

And if that wasn't fun enough, they gave us this letter and a sweet donation.  Just when our all volunteer crew begins to feel beat up and run down from the never-ending work that needs to be done on the ship, we get to share the magic of our history and we are rejuvenated. In the picture you can see Leif Homberg, Cadet Daniel Larsson, Motorman Christoffer Andersson, Chief Officer Ulf Johansson.  (Thanks Leif Homberg for supplying the names of everyone in the picture)

HOW nice it this?? 

We're always open to visitors, so all you Merchant Mariners that are in Baltimore, come check us out (just don't stay TOO long, or you might get drafted to do work)  ;)  Just kidding.  A HUGE shout out to the M/V ATLANTIC was wonderful to meet you and thanks for the kind words and donation!!! 

Project Liberty Ship, Inc is a 501(c)3 non-profit, all volunteer organization engaged in the preservation and operation of the historic ship JOHN W. BROWN as a living memorial museum. Gifts to Project Liberty Ship are tax deductible.

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