Going Home

Another blog written by Gilbert Garcia, class of 1964.

On a clear Fall morning, Friday, September 9, 2016, I awoke with much apprehension and excitement.  I was sailing into New York harbor aboard the S.S John W. Brown. I was returning home.


The last time I was on the Brown in the East River was as a high school senior in 1964.  Here I was fifty two years later approaching the Verrazano Narrows Bridge.  Surely I never thought that in my lifetime I would be living the dream of every schoolship student. 


Sharing this very special moment with me were four other alumni members, Ernie Gaspari, Bob Clancy, Bill Tellefsen and Joe Brown.  It was as if we were teenagers all over again.  I was proudest of all to be able to share this precious moment with my son, Elliot, who had sailed as 1st Cook.


On Saturday, September 17, 2016 we had an alumni Get together on the Brown. Our guest of honor was our former instructor, Captain Bishansky.  It was great to meet fellow alumni students and reminisce about our schoolships years.


The following day we had a Living History Cruise in New York harbor.  Many of the alumni members that attended got the treat of seeing a wake from the fantail of our schoolship.


Hopefully the ‘Brown’ will continue as a museum ship in Baltimore.  I am sure that there are many alumni members who would look forward to seeing her in New York City again. 

~Gil Garcia  


The Alumni are a huge part of the ship and there is a core group that come down to Baltimore for training weekends, work weekends and to work the Living History cruises.   This particular trip to NYC was also special because of WHO the officers were on the ship.   From the Captain down to AB's, the officers on this cruise were members who grew up on the ship, some as young as 2 years old (though most were about 10-12 when they started tagging along with their grandparents).   Another blog is coming to tell their story.  Thanks for reading our blogs, supporting us on social media, buying from the online store (our plimsoll glasses are the bomb!) and supporting us with memberships and donations.   Thanks for the help to 'keep her sailing'.  

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